Designing Durable Net-Zero Energy Homes









Text Box: Louise F. Goldberg, PhD (Eng)
Senior Research Associate and Director
Energy Systems Design Program
College of Design
University of Minnesota
November 12, 2009












Text Box: Speaker's Notes

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Text Box: During the presentation, I leveled some fairly strong criticism against the 2009 Minnesota Energy Code, I hope, in a fairly light-hearted way. This criticism was not in any way intended to reflect on the Minnesota Building Code Officials who, in my experience, are dedicated people doing a thankless task under difficult circumstances. It was more a personal commentary on the residential code writing/development process in Minnesota.
I inadvertently may have given the impression that the Minnesota Energy Reference House carries some sort of official or State sanction.  IT DOES NOT.  It is a construct that has been used and currently is being used in State-sponsored University research projects.