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11/19/02:  Initial publication
5/5/05 Updated
3/21/06 Added Wilder project final report
7/20/06 Added MN Lath & Plaster Bureau Report (phases I and II)
3/6/07 Two 2007 presentations made available for download
3/21/07 Added MN Lath & Plaster Bureau Report (phase III)
1/26/08 Added MN Renewable Energy Society presentation
4/2/08 Added Walls 07/08 project page
6/19/09 Added Walls 07-09 project final report
11/13/09 Added 2009 MN AIA convention presentation and HESS II project final report
4/29/10 Added UMore Park research project final report
9/2/2010 Added MQT project final report and software distribution.